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Knowledgebased Systems Corporation started out as Electrical Electronics Engineering, Inc. We incorporated in 1984 as an engineering company that specialized in industrial products design and installation of things such as motor control centers, residential and commercial building electrical power design and heat trace design for petro-chemical plants. In 1985, EEEI shifted focus from industrial to computers and never looked back. In 1989 the company shifted again to expert systems KBSC was spun off as a separate corporation. EEEI went out of business in 1992.

The first major expert system project on which KBSC worked was with FedEx in Dallas, Texas. .  The Logistics, Electronic Commerce and Catalogs (LEC&C) division of FedEx wanted to set up an intelligent supply chain management system called Virtual Enterprise Architecture, VEA.  What they needed was a rulebased system to intelligently manage the process and finally selected KBSC to head up the rule team. That project started with ND Nexpert and eventually migrated to (Blaze) Advisor

From there we have been consulted on various projects for such companies as Neuron Data on the Houston Light and Power (Expert) and the  Norwest Financials (Expert Sapphire); Ericsson Telecommunications (Geobility - OPSJ); Bell South Telecommunications (PMAP - JRules); Lloyds TSB London (Loan Eligibility and Pricing - JRules); GMAC Insurance (Auto Underwriting - JRules), Northrop Grumman (GTN21 Project - JRules); ILOG for O2 Germany (House of Products – JRules), Informatix (Secure Border Initiative – Jess, Drools and OPSJ), FICO (several insurance and financial companies Blaze Advisor) and CoreLogic (mortgages) and many other comanies.

Today, we specialize in many different kinds of Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) - the same thing that used to be called rulebased systems by the AI companies as well as working with companies doing Quantative Analysis and Forecasting.  We offer both consulting and training. Some of the commercial products with which we are familiar and some with which we are intimately familiar are:


KBSC is composed of the following personnel: