Client List

GMAC Insurance –(St. Louis, IL) : Senior KE on rule team that extracted the information, wrote the rules and designed the testing procedures for the new Internet Underwriting system. (1/03 – 5/03)
What we did at GMAC

Lloyds TSB –TSB (London, UK) : Again, working as not only Rule Team technical lead but doing everything else as well, I worked with the Sales and Marketing Team in Bristol and the Java team in London, I wrote the Java supporting classes and the 800+ rules for the new Loan Eligibility and Pricing system that was used by all branch offices, headquarters and via the internet. Along with Sales and Marketing, designed the testing suite for the rules before implementation. (2/02 – 12/02)
What we did at Lloyds

Bell South –(
Birmingham, AL) : Again, Rule Team lead for a large project consisting of almost 300 programmers. The Rule Team, comprised of myself, Dr. Forgy, three Knowledge Engineers and six Rule Engineers, extracted the expertise from the business analysts and wrote the rules necessary to replace the PARIS (Performance and Reporting Information System) with the PMAP (Performance Measurement and Analysis Platform – New Generation) System. The systems had been mandated by the FCC, Justice Department and the state regulatory boards of all nine states as part of BST effort to enter the long distance business. Reporting was very complex since various measures on all aspects of the BST business had to be reported to all eleven entities for different measurements. (9/00 – 11/01)
What we did at Bell South

Ericsson –(Dallas - Richardson, TX) : Working as team lead we designed and wrote the intelligence for the Geobility project in OPSJ. This was one of the first ventures into an intelligent Personal Information Manager, PIM. Also, this was my first contact with Dr. Charles Forgy, the inventor of the Rete Algorithm. He was our most esteemed team member and contributed greatly to the project. (2/99 – 8/00)

Neuron Data –(
Mountain View, CA) – With the help of a Stock Brokerage expert, a DBA, a telecom interface expert and a really good GUI guy, I wrote the rules and the CORBA interface for one the first ventures into CRM, Customer Relationship Manager. This was a demo of what could be done with a CRM for a Stock Brokerage firm. (12/98 – 2/99)

Norwest Financial –(
Des Moines, IA) : Working with a team of Neuron Data personnel (and about 85 C++ programmers) we designed and wrote the rule for the entire financial system. My primary function on the team was the analysis of a new tool from ND, the ND Expert Template Library, that interfaced to the ND Expert tool. (6/98 – 12/98)
What we did at Norwest

Houston Light and Power –(Houston, TX) : Along with a Neuron Data employee, I rewrote the ancient ND NeXpert system that was on an old RS/6000 running AIX to more modern look and better performance using the new and updated ND Expert system. (2/98 – 5/98)

FedEx –(Dallas – Las Colinas, TX) : Working with the Logistics, Electronic Commerce and Catalogs (LEC&C) division of FedEx, my Rule Team first used the ND Expert system then the ND Advisor system as the intelligent module for the Virtual Enterprise Architecture (VEA) project. This was an extremely sophisticated venture into much more advanced Supply Chain Logistics than any other company at that time. (2/97 – 2/98)
What we did at FedEx

Fed Ex, Domestic Pricing –(Memphis, TN) : With the help of a FedEx employee as the domain knowledge source, wrote the first Client / Server version of their Domestic Pricing platform. Wrote the first Client / Server version of the Credit Card Analysis system. Later, (with two FedEx employees and one other consultant) I wrote version 2 of the same system for the Orlando, FL, office. Spent a lot of time teaching Unix, C and C++ to the Domestic Pricing department. (10/95 – 2/97)

Fed Ex, Marketing –(Memphis, TN) : Designed and started installation on a networked backup system for (at that time) Sun’s largest computer, the Sun 2000, along with several Hewlett-Packard Unix machines running HP-UX and one old RS/6000 running AIX. (7/95 – 10/95)