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Reformed and Orthodox

I have tried to list the main pages of the various denominations first and then list congregations by CITY then by CHURCH NAME. If you would like to have your congregation home page listed here, send some EMail to Jim Owen.

Because we are trying to sponser dialog (polylog?) among Evangelical/Reformed Christians and the Orthodox Christians, we have broken out the congregations and organizations into those groupings. So, if you want to join the Evangelical - Orthodox Conference, send some mail to Robert and Cheryl Hosken, a couple of Russian Missionaries who have found time to moderate this sometimes racous, but inquiring, conference.

Baptist Congregations

Official SBC Home Page
SBC Faith and Message -- A Statement of SBC "Theology"
First Baptist Church -- Martin, TN
Bellevue Baptist Church -- Memphis, Tennessee
Harvest Baptist Church Wautauga, TX (NorthEast Fort Worth!)

Churchs of God

Mount Paran North Church of God

Churches of Christ

Prestoncrest Church of Christ -- Dallas, TX
Walnut Hill Church of Christ -- Dallas, TX
Southside Church of Christ -- Fort Worth, TX
Beltline Church of Christ -- Irving, TX
Waterview Church of Christ -- Richardson, TX
West Arkansas Church of Christ

Eastern Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, ...., Orthodox Church in America)

Orthodox Church in America -- HomePage

Oriental Orthodox Churches (Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Syro-Malabar)


Woodvale Pentacostal Church -- Nepean (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada

Messanic Jewish Congregations

Beth Ariel Fellowship - Messanic Jewish Congregation

Presbyterian Churches

Town North Presbyterian Church -- Dallas, Texas