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Computer World – The Voice of IT Management

Feature: Business Rule Management Systems” (19/08/2004)

Java World

Bring business logic to light” (September 19, 2003)

PC World

Bringing .NET Rules to Light” (01/12/2004)

Bring business logic to light” (Fri, 12 Sept 2003)

Pravidla pod kontrolou” (Chekoslovakian Version)

CIO Magazine

Business rules management systems” (08/10/2004)

itWorld Canada

Bring Business Logic to Light” (Fri, 12 Sept 2003)

Exclusive: JRules 5.0 Touches All the Bases” (Fri, 24 June 2005)

Other Publications


"Virtual Enterprise Architecture Using Java, Advisor Expert System and CORBA," First Place White Paper in May, 1998, Technical Conference Briefing for Neuron Data, 25 pages.  (Neuron Data is now part of Fair Isaac Corporation)


"Design of an Intelligent Database for a Home for Retarded Citizens," Decision Sciences Theory and Applications, Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference, Southwest Region, San Antonio, Texas, March 4-7, 1992, p.97.

"Developing an Expert System for Statistical Procedures," International Business Schools Computer User Group, Vol 3, Number 3, Fall 1991, pp. 24-32.

"Expert Systems Applications to Economic Forecasting," Southwestern Journal of Economic Abstracts, Volume 11, Number 1, 1990, pp.81-82.

"Developing a Rule-Based System for Statistical Procedures," Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference of Southwest Decision Sciences Institute, Dallas, Texas, February, 1990, pp. 82-84.



Peter Arnold & Associates (June 25, 2004)

BizRules Home Page - Reviewswe specializ

Comments in “The Open Sourcery” (7/3/2004)



e in Intelligent Business Rule Management Systems (iBRMS) - the same thing that used to be called rulebased systems by the AI companies.