Christian Research Organizations

If you would like to have your Christian organization home page listed here, send some EMail to Jim Owen. We have tried to list various Research Organizations that might be of interest to our vistors.

Evangelical and/or Reformed
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Bible Archeology and Research
Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion
Christian Answers.Net -- GREAT Resource
Christian Information Network -- England
Christian Research Institute -- Hank Hanegraaff
Creeds and Confessions
Christian Cyberspace: Mission, Purpose and History
Coral Ridge - Dr. D. James Kennedy
FCA Home Page
The Founders Journal
Gospel Communications Network
Grace to You -- John MacArthur
Hebraic Roots of Christianity
The Interactive Bible -- GREAT Resources
Internet for Christians
InTouch Ministries -- Charles Stanley
Jehovah's Witnesses New Convert Information
Dr. D. James Kennedy -- Coral Ridge Ministries
Love Worth Finding -- Adrian Rodgers
Luther's 95 Theses
Cotton Mather Home Page
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America!
Mormon Church Convert Information
Olivet Nazarene University -- Benner Library and Resource Center
Promise Keepers Home Page
RBC Ministries Home page
Renewing Your Mind -- R. C. Sproul
Speak Responsibly
Spurgeon Archives
Spurgeon Archives (another one)
STAND TO REASON -- Christian Apologetics Organization
Zola Levitt - Dallas, Texas

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